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SI(System Inergration)

Xmerce Convergence's SI service provides rational construction, integrated system with rich experience and technology which is best suited to customer's needs.

IT consulting.

H/W, S/W
Installation integrated management.

Technical support
and maintenance.

ASP(Application Service Provider)

It is a low-cost, highly efficient service that makes Xmerce Convergence's solution freely usable in accordance with the customer's computing environment.

Immediate introduction/
adaptation of required solutions.

Initial investment cost of
affordable price.

H/W, S/W
Minimization of H/W, S/W management staff.

Contents Service

Using Xmerce Convergence's stable server, you can utilize various contents for enterprise, culture and star marketing.

Service cooperation
in WEB, APP.

Associate media content such as movies and images.

Associate mobile transportation card utilizing NFC technology.