SI(system integration) construction & ASP service

Solutions(XMERCE®) based IT business. /
SI construction for enterprise and fintech. / ASP and maintenance etc.

- SI construction for mobile gift certificate and network pre-paid.
- ASP service and maintenance of mobile gift certificate.
- WEB / APP system development.
- 1D/2D barcode application service.
- SI construction for general enterprise.
- SI construction for security related application services.
- Commerce Service.

Platform Business

Mobile commerce and content services to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. /
Development of overseas business.

Mobile Business

Distribution of mobile gift certificates and brand partnership. /
Development of integrated system such as interlocking, sales, settlement and event.

Distribution of B2B & B2C gift certificates
and system development.

Brand partnership, sales service.

Mobile Content Services.

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